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Patients Scheduled

Bring back patients with more than a postcard.

We’ve called and scheduled over 1,750,000 patients who haven’t seen their dentist in over 18 months.

$25 per Appointment
Pay only for kept appointments Fill Empty Schedules
We can make 9,000 phone calls each week No Long-Term Contracts
Only pay for what you need
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Why Choose Us?

In-depth call analysis to help schedule more patients Flexible Hours
Our schedule is tailored to your practice’s needs Professional Staff
Friendly voices trained to get appointments 100% Secure
Fully HIPAA Compliant on secure private servers

Features and Pricing

Calls +
 Denticon PMSCloud based PMS
> Schedule appointment$ 20$ 25
> Create treatment plan$ 1$ 2
> Attach treatment codes to appointment scheduled$ 1$ 2
New Patient Appointments  
> Schedule appointment20$ 25
> Create new patient account$ 2$ 4
> Create treatment plan$ 1$ 2
> Attach treatment codes to appointment scheduled$ 1$ 2
Confirmation Calls  
> Per call made$ 2$ 2
> Per appointment kept$ 6$ 8
Insurance Verification +
 Denticon PMSCloud based PMS
Verify patient insurance eligibility$ 7$ 10
Update patient current insurance info in PMS (dates, deductible balance)$ 0.50$ 1
Verify patient covered benefits$ 1$ 2
Create treatment plan$ 0.50$ 1
Attach treatement codes to appointment scheduled$ 0.50$ 1
Estimate patient copay$ 2$ 3
List patient alternative benefits$ 2$ 3
Re-verify appointments dated 1st week of the month$ 0.50$ 1
Appt Date (1-3 days)$ 1$ 2
Appt Date (24-4 hours)$ 2$ 3
Marketing +
 75% of Revenue
Appointment reminders (email, SMS), email campaigns (open treatment, office newsletters), graphic design, PPC and re-targeting, SEO and SEM, SMS marketing, social media, web and graphic design
Payment Posting +
 Denticon PMSCloud based PMS
Post EOBs$ 8$ 8
Enter adjustments related to claims submission and payment received$ 3$ 4
Close claim and update balance due to patient A/R$ 0.50$ 1
Exclusive Dental Discounts +
Dental supplies20%
Films, amalgams, anesthetic, and alloy10%
Small equipment (e.g. hand pieces) and office supplies10%
Extended labor warranty18 months
Local repairs and equipment rental rates30%

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