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“Dentist Front Desk consistently schedules over 150 recall appointments a day for us. They’ve been a key to our 80% growth in the last 5 years.”

John Bower | President of Operations, Hawaii Family Dental

Welcome to Dentist Front Desk

Delivering ridiculously good outsourcing to some of the fastest growing Dental Support Organizations (DSOs).

  • Clark, Pampanga

    Hello, Pampanga!

    Assembled a 9 person team in an incubator space to schedule recall appointments for Hawaii’s largest Dental Support Organization (DSO).

  • New Beginnnings

    Expanded services to include inbound phone calls and open treatment (restorative) calls.

  • Over 40,000 Appointments Kept

    Moved into our first new office to support growth.

  • Expanded Services

    Billing, I.T. help desk, marketing, call auditors, and reporting services were developed.

  • philippine outsourcing

    89 Dental Offices Onboarded

    As we approached 100 dental offices, we developed custom programming to pull data, utilization schedules, and call lists from the practice management system Denticon.